Sri Sabari Engimech Pvt. Ltd

HR Policy, Environment Policy & Corporate Conscience

Human Resources As a people oriented company, our employee is our primary asset. During each stage of HR like interview, selection, induction, training, promotion and even during retirement/ resignation, our aim is to improve on our relationship with our employee, because we understand that each employee contributes to the well being and goodwill of the company even after office hours. Our experience has proved that even ex - employees have been immensely helpful at various stages of our growth. Development of our asset, people, involves 3 months safety and on job training. A full - fledged library helps in developing theoretical knowledge. Weekly joint meeting on subject selected by employees helps in clarifying doubts and sharing knowledge. Facilities like Furnished accommodation, recreational facilities, in house mess and food facility are available for employees at all locations across India. We also encourage and conduct get together parties, short trips and vacations which lead to team building and better interaction between employees. Environmental Policy Being part of the larger environment, we believe that our responsibility extends to saving and improving on the Environment where we live. Proper disposal of garbage after adequate segregation, spreading awareness among employees regarding environment and optimum utilization of any resource is part of our policy.We shall strive to minimize our direct impacts on the environment while concurrently enhancing our services and solutions to help clients to improve their environmental and carbon performance toward meeting their sustainability objectives.Improve resource efficiency in operations, especially for key resources such as, energy and water.Comply with all the applicable environmental and related legal and other requirements and, wherever feasible, strive for Ć¢€œbeyond complianceĆ¢€ leadership. As part of the same we have certifications like ISO 14001:2004 & ISO 18001:2007. Corporate Conscience Awareness that we are a social being or citizen and that our activities impact society, stems way to our thought and approach towards social well being. Donations, conducting cultural activities, sponsoring local programs like dance, sports activities etc, arranging and participating in blood donation camps, encouraging religious activities, educational programs through tie ups et. are some of the ways through which we serve our society.