Sri Sabari Engimech Pvt. Ltd

Operations & Maintenance Business Group

SSEPL Operates and maintains around 400 equipments for various clients apart from giving various other services related to maintenance of Equipments.

Brief Scope of Jobs
  • Operation of Equipment as per manufacturer's norms. Carry out the operation of Equipment as per best engineering practices.
  • Attend to all Hydraulic, electrical and mechanical breakdowns as per requirements.
  • Submit monthly list of manpower and operation Schedule to the OWNER in advance for approval.
  • Prepare monthly, quarterly and yearly spares and consumables requirement.
  • Inform in advance the OWNER about requirement of consumables one month for indigenous items and three months for imported items for procurement and planning.
  • Submission of Daily equipment deployment status report, MIS on monthly basis (Equipment Health report, fuel consumption, component failure analysis report).
  • Any MIS format given by the OWNER will form the integral part of our contract.
  • Handing over and taking over formalities of the vehicle and accessories, tools tackles, spares, fuel, lubes, consumables etc as per given procedure.
  • Depute trainee operators for training and development for future requirement as per direction of the OWNER.
  • Co-ordinate with Owner for carrying out under warranty inspection and repairs - as per warranty scope, terms & conditions of OEM.
  • Inform the OWNER for the disposal in a safe and lawful manner of all effluent, waste products and used items resulting from the operation of the equipment , including without limitation, oil, antifreeze, filters, used batteries and other consumable items as per owner's guidelines.
  • Attending breakdown including puncture repairs, replacement of tyres (new / re-treaded tyres to be provided by the OWNER). We are responsible for taking care of battery and tyres.
  • We will not be responsible for repairing of booms, hydraulic cylinders, overhauling of undercarriage, transmission, torque converter, turbo-charger, hydraulic pump/motors, winches, Engine Major overhauling, Body work, Chassis and spring leaf,
    seat work, radiator work, Wheel balancing and wheel alignment work, any other major repair work which requires machining work outside / anyexpertise requirement. However, planning demounting/ mounting, dismantling / assembling for these jobs will be done by us In case the OWNER instructs us.
  • The same may be taken up separately by us at our own facility or at OEM premises as per separate agreement.
  • We ensure to keep all equipment in good working and clean condition. Any abnormality observed has to be brought to the notice of OWNER immediately with reasons there-of.
  • Our operators and other staff shall strictly follow the instructions of the OWNER's nominated representative. Any non-compliance of instructions including untimely reporting, misbehaviour etc. shall be immediately rectified / attended by us by replacing the resources suitably in the scope of work at any time or any other requisite action as informed by OWNER.
  • We shall carry out any other small jobs to prevent any deterioration of condition of equipment like paint touch-up at peeled off / rusted portion of Boom pieces and inserts, parts of equipment & sub-assemblies etc. after thorough cleaning of the affected area. Consumables shall be arranged by Owner.
  • We shall arrange for transportation of our manpower within the OWNER's complex by the OWNER's approved means of conveyance.
  • The vehicle deployed shall meet the OWNER's approved norms.
  • Assembly and Dismantling or Reconfigurations of supervision of loading and unloading of equipment as per the Instruction of OWNER.
  • All drawings, design documents / information that the Owner may provide during course of execution of the job, will be kept confidential
  • We shall comply with all requirements under relevant Acts as per law.

Most Industrial, Construction and special equipments require manpower for Operation. We specialize in the same and have employed more than 3000 manpower during JERP project for Reliance Industries at their World's largest Refinery Complex, Jamnagar. The scope of Operation gives us better control over the equipment health also. Operators are selected based on experience, on site interview and knowledge of Safe Operational Practices. Client requirements are also kept in mind while selecting Operators. We at SSEPL have large number of Multi skilled Operators who can Operate various machines thus improving effectiveness as a team.

Operation team is kept on effective training period of 15 days or 1 month or as per client specification. Before handing over crane for operation a final test is done to the satisfaction of the client proving the skills and abilities of the selected Operator.

Mechanical/ Automobile Engineers with years of experience supervise various Operational jobs at different sites for SSEPL.


Our clients find it odd initially, but in the long run they have benefitted because our Engineers (Mechanical/Automobile/Electrical/Electronics) constantly stress on Preventive and Predictive maintenance. The advantages are.
  • Increase in useful life of assets.
  • Continued efficiency and lower power costs.
  • Higher up time, upto 98% machine availability. Helps in proper job planning.
  • On job check of machine wear and tear reduces downtime.
  • Less costly in long run as compared to breakdown maintenance. Lesser asset replacement costs.
  • It improves Client reputation.
    According to needs we at times go for Predictive maintenance only with certain clients. Here it may be so required that Operation also be given in our scope as this will benefit the organization. It gives us total control over the equipment, its function and maintenance.