Sri Sabari Engimech Pvt. Ltd

Structure & Systems

SSEPL maintains a functional Organisational Structure. However with changing business environment and culture we have tried to have an Organic structure also wherein employees and management are considered on the same level for making various decisions.

We have the following departments with a functional head for each department who reports to the Director Operations.

Administration & H.R. : Major functions involve recruitment, induction & training of staff and employees, keep track of employee progress for remuneration and promotion purposes. Maintains the fleet of transport & other equipments owned by the company, Preparation of Salary, Recruitment of labour supply agencies, gate pass arrangement, settlement of employee grievances, preparing & maintaining necessary records related to labor as required by statute. Interacting with & providing Periodic reports to client H.R. department & Labour Consultants.

Finance & Accounts : Approves periodic and incidental expenses related to business with the permission and knowledge of the Director Operations, approves Salary & wages as prepared by H.R. department, plans regarding monthly and daily cash flows with regard to receipts and payments, follows up receipts with clients and arranges for payment of suppliers and others, Makes monthly quarterly and yearly P&L and balance sheet for Internal as well as audit purposes, prepares and executes sudden checks on petty cash and imprest cash at various sites, records and maintains all books of accounts.

Purchase & Stores : Identifies & selects agencies for supply of consumables and other construction material and capital purchases, issues Purchase orders and collects and verifies material received. Sends bills to Finance Dep. after confirmation of receipts. Keeps records of all tools & tackles, machines, & stores. Issues monthly statement to accounts.

Safety & Quality : As a company with ISO 9001:2008 certification we have a full fledged Safety & Quality department with Safety In charge, Supervisors and Quality personnel with Refinery/Power Plant/ On shore - Offshore/ Jetty/ Hydro Thermal Power working experience. We function as per our safety & quality policies as per the type and nature of Plant and site. We stress on continuous improvement. Please refer our HSE policy for further details.

Commercial Department : Due to increase in quantity of Equipments under O&M and number of clients, it became imperative to maintain a commercial department, linked to both Administration and Accounts , for purposes of Billing and related documentation, Tendering for new jobs, Marketing and co ordination of various sites.